Kirimachi Temple

64, Kms from Jammu and about 9 kms from Udhampur is located kirmachi village. Though virtually unknown to the outside world, this village boosts of a unique architectural treasure. Kirmachi held an important place in the past. The four elegant and imposing temples can ascertain this. Three temples are standing in a row on the bank of Devak nadi Traditionally, the construction of these temples is associated with the heroic Pandvas, but there is no reliable record of its date. According to some scholars King Kanishka founded this place. The destruction caused by the weathering and the time dates them back to more than thousand years. The interesting feature of the architecture of these temples is the culmination of Pagoda and Gandhara style of construction. The temples of Kirmachi show close resemblance with the Shikara temples of Himachal. The temples at Masrur, Bajnath, Bajoura and Bharmour are some of the ancient shrines in Shikara style. The outer walls of the temples are embellished with profuse sculptured relicfs. The main entrance of the bigger temple has columns, decorated with flowers, leaves and miniature figures.

Among the sculptures found in this temple are the three headed Shiva and Varah Avtara. The sculptured stones show the excellence in the field of art. It shows the sculpture art was at peak in those days. The temples of Kirmachi still stood letting time to move ahead gently.